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Overcoming long held beliefs

Every outcome starts with a process. Take a full grown elephant that has a pair of humans sitting on it’s back as an example. To turn a curious baby elephant into a submissive adult elephant who doesn’t rebel takes time.

The techniques used to make the baby’s obedient include, but are not limited to, being chained for long periods of time to make them believe they can’t move. Being beaten or stabbed when they do decide to move without permission and having a healthy sarcasm dose of food or water deprivation. [1]

This is not a one-day occurrence. Day in day out for years upon years the baby elephant is unwillingly held in this situation.  After a while the baby elephant, while growing into adulthood, accepts the submissiveness. It has to because it’s the only form of reality it has been exposed to.

The adult elephant no longer needs to be food deprived, chained down and stabbed a lot. Its acceptance of a submissive state creates a mental block towards anything that challenges that state of being. That’s the reason people can sit on its back while walking through the free and open forest, without the handlers worrying whether it will run away.

The elephant never runs away towards freedom even when freedom is all around it. But how can it when it truly believes it’s stuck?

Elephant freedom

Human mental chains

One of the hardest things we humans have to learn is the ability, to see when and where we’re wrong. To challenge our deepest held beliefs based on newfound evidence and judge future information based on old evidence. It takes time to break free from the chains which we acquired throughout the process of becoming an adult. Time and the right tools.

Are you able to identify the “chains” that created the limitation towards your freedom? Or is the fear of the unknown holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Knowing that you’re wrong is a beautiful thing because that means you get to be right! Brain



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