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Working on yourself means working while your happy

You should build a house while there is no storm. Preferably while the weather is great. I have yet to meet a person who starts building a house the day a category 5 hurricane is predicted to hit. I think there’s a valid reason why we don’t start building houses in the middle of a hurricane. Besides the point that it makes no sense, it really makes no sense. Anybody that thinks differently probably doesn’t have a house.

Futurama Stop Acting Stupid

People can build the most stable houses when the weather is good enough. And I really mean good enough. It won’t be a sunny-beach-day-tank-top-slipper-wearing-weather every day. Some days will be cloudy and grim, but you’ll be able to put in some work.

Just as good enough weather, good enough mental clarity are the moments you’re supposed to work the hardest on yourself. If you wait until your mind is in a storm, you’ll always get wet and never build something stable. If you relax when you’re happy and stable, you have no reason to complain when the rainy season comes and you weren’t prepared. And the rainy season always comes.

Got your house?

Building a strong foundation with a stable house is just the beginning. After that comes maintenance and upgrading. The day you stop your maintaining and upgrading is the day it starts to die off. It won’t break down overnight, but as time goes on, it will start to crumble.

Time to move in…

The next level is to find beauty in the cloudy days. Once you have a stable enough place you can look out of your window and enjoy any type of weather in the comfort of your home.

Life moves in cycles. There are good times and there are bad times. And if you don’t work in the good times, the bad times will be worse. Because the only people that worry about hurricane seasons are the people that didn’t prepare in advance.

Right now is the best time to start working on yourself.

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