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Why the rise of Donald Trump is great

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Sincerely, Donald Trump

Tapp Donald Trump

Now before I grab you by the pussy and guide you through this post I want you to keep in mind that there will be times where I’ll be grabbing it a little bit harder than you may be used to.

This means that certain opinions and viewpoints might conflict with your way of thinking, causing you to act like a reversed grown person.

A reversed grown person? Yes, a reversed grown person. A person that thinks they’ve grown up but acts like a child every time something conflicts with their way of thinking. When this happens your mind shuts down from the inside and is (temporary) unable to reason or think critically. And without reason or critical thinking, we end up with Donald Trump.

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter you probably just experienced your first “reversed grown person” moment. However, you should keep on reading.

Use your brain. Don’t be a reversed grown person.


Before I start I just want to make clear that I personally do not live in the USA. Some might argue that one should focus on the country they’re currently inhabiting before they start pointing fingers. But how can you not point your finger at a wildfire? You can either wait until that wildfire burns your place to the ground or start doing whatever it is that needs to be done to contain it.

Another thing they often seem to forget is that we still live on the same planet. We’re connected in more ways than most of us can imagine. Remember the financial crisis from 2008/2009? Global Warming? The internet? Chocolate?! If the USA, China or any of those other big countries mess up, the rest of the world will feel the aftermath. So without further adieu…

Don’t be anything you want!

Unless we’re walking in the desert and a venomous snake bites me in my ass or we’re sitting on a plane where both the pilot and co-pilot suddenly die, you and any other person should probably not be everything they want to be.

However, if we’re the only 2 people walking in the desert and a venomous snake were to bite me, then congratulations, you’re officially a doctor that can start sucking the venom out. Or of the pilots died and you’re the only person on the plane that has been playing flight simulators for years? Well, ladies and gentlemen: our new captain!

You get the point. There are times and places where you can be the superhero and actually do something meaningful because there is no other option.

I suspect that in most cases, you would want to be treated/served by a professional. You don’t want any person that one day just feels like they can do the job, to do the job. If you’re ever going to have an operation I would like to think that you would want a certified surgeon. Not just any certified surgeon. No, you want the best surgeon around. One that doesn’t blink or sneezes while he is cutting you open.

When a surgeon approaches you with a surgical knife and tells you that he’s going to cut open your belly to remove something, you trust them because you expect that they’ve done the research and spend hours upon hours practicing their skills.

If for any random reason Donald Trump (and don’t say this is not possible because he became president) were to walk into the room and tell you that he was going to take over the job to slice you open, I would assume that 99% of you would happily deny the offer. The other 1% simply don’t want to live anymore.

In a lot of situations, we acknowledge that we don’t want everybody to just be anything they want to be. Almost everything requires a certain skill level. Without it, we would not progress as humans. We build on the knowledge of the ones before us so we don’t have to start from scratch every time a new person decides to create something.

That’s why we don’t need to go from a round wheel to a square wheel to know that a round wheel rolls better.

And we don’t need to go from politicians to actors to know that politicians will do a better job governing than actors. This is in no way saying that all politicians are doing a good job. Yes there is corruption and yes all is not well, but just like we would hold a surgeon accountable for their actions as a surgeon, we could hold politicians accountable by voting them out when they are incompetent to do their job.

So stop giving people that have never invested time into understanding the hardships of certain positions a platform to realize their crazy undesirable goals. Since Trump became president every individual suddenly thinks they can become whatever they want to be. I would like to welcome you to the age of people who hype other people up to run for something they have 0 knowledge of. 3 years from now we could be looking at something very undesirable…

The 2020 elections

I mean look at this.
We have Caitlyn Jenner & Kanye West…

The Rock…

and the list just keeps getting longer and longer!

While some of these individuals certainly have a skill and create/do great things, they can’t be great in everything they do. It would probably be wise to not let them become what they want to become.

But you should become anything you want

You simply can’t become anything you want to be because that’s not how life works. But you should become anything you want to be. It won’t always work out and it will be most likely be hard, but you should work hard to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

However, and this is especially the case with jobs that influence the lives of other individuals, you should strive to do it as best as possible.

Donald Trump proved that it doesn’t take a particular skill set to become the president. I say prove him wrong. Prove him wrong by investing your time into really understanding whatever it is you want to be and making sure you become the best at it.

This is the first part of a 2 or 3 part series. While there is a lot to criticize about Trump’s way of handling things you have to admit that at some level the guy is a marketing genius. The only question that keeps bothering me is whether he does it on purpose or is really (willfully) ignorant.

I mean he is not the first person rising to fame by being/acting ignorant.
*Cough Cough*

So why is the rise of Donald Trump great?

It’s time to actively invest time into the people that decide how you should live your life. That’s 1 of the best reasons why the rise of Trump is great. Since Trump became president you must have noticed that people are starting to pay attention. I don’t remember people being this invested in policies when Obama was the president. Watching Donald Trump do unorthodox things woke up the rest of the world. If he so much as farts the wrong way, we will know!

Hopefully, this will bring upon the rise of a truely electable leader. Someone who can inspire the population to want to grow, without the need to beat somebody else down. It’s a hard task, but with the right timing and words, real positive change is bound to happen. 

If you’ve felt the urge to act like a reversed grown person, feel free to read 9 things you can do to start your day the right way!

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