Feb 16, 2017
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Sell me this pen

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Most of you have probably watched the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. If you’ve not seen it, then I just have to ask you what you’ve been doing all your life. I highly recommend you watch it. There is one part in the movie where Jordan Belford (Leonardo DiCaprio) asks one of the guys sitting at the table to se….wait you know what, instead of a boring explanation, here is the clip:

(Quaa)ludes and chill anyone?

The first thing I want you to pay attention to is the guy eating his burger. See how, before Jordan asked him to sell his pen, he was able to talk about how he could ‘sell (quaa)ludes to a convent full of nuns, and get them so horny they’d be f*cking each other.’ However, a few seconds later when Jordan actually asks him to sell a pen, his response was to let him finish his food first because he hasn’t eaten all day (like he needs the burger anyway).

Now, there’s at least one thing this guy has and one thing he lacks. The thing he has is an excuse. It’s something most of us have in real life. It’s easier to invent an excuse than it is to execute what you really want and can do. But remember that every excuse you make in your life, is just that, an excuse. Trust me, there will never be a shortage of excuses. He could’ve said that his wives best friends little brother from another mother farted, which caused the ozone layer hole to grow in size and contributed to global warming which is why he was not able to respond to the question because it got hotter by 0.0000000001 degrees.
When you grow as a person you’ll realize that people will make excuses for everything, don’t be one of them.

The one thing the burger-eating-bitch is lacking is persuasiveness. After his little rant about nuns, you would expect that he would be able to sell anything. I guess his argument against this would be that he could sell anything, but not anytime. Soooo, is Mr.Burger King really a good seller? I think a good seller is able to sell under pressure. A good seller is able to convince anyone at any time that they need the thing they’re offering. If a piece of food is going to stand in your way of making the (big) sale, then I’m sorry to inform you but you are not a good seller. Now back to the original point of this story.

How do you sell the pen?

There is no one best way to sell the pen. In the short clip above Mr.Mustache showed you the supply and demand method. He has something, you need it and he sells it to you. This method has been around for thousands of years and while it works, there are definitely other methods to learn.

#1 Personal Value

You’re able to sell something to someone because, in some way or another, it adds value to their life. The thing is not necessarily something the other person needs but rather something they want. There’s not a lot of thought process needed to figure out what people need. There’s no argument that people need clean drinking water, need to eat, need to brush their teeth and need to shit. Without those things, we’d probably get ill and die.

A lot of people buy things because of what it can mean for them. In order to know what something means to someone, you must first figure out what they like. And this is where a lot of people make the mistake. You cannot figure out what another person wants if you talk about yourself. In order to get a clear picture of another person, you need to ask a lot of questions and not talk about yourself. The more questions you ask, the better you get the know the person. The better you get to know the person, the better you’ll be able to sell something to them. By asking questions you improve the uniqueness of that individual. They’re no longer just a random person on the street. No, what they suddenly became is a piece of walking data. If somebody tells you that they love basketball and you’re offering them tickets to a cricket match, you can be almost sure that you’re not going to sell that pen.

This ‘profiling’ happens all the time on the internet. This is why companies/hackers/stores want your information and this is what you need to collect if you want to sell something. The more data* they have on you or the more data you have on your audience, the better they or you will be able to sell a pen. So remember, the more you know about them the more you can play in on their wants.

*I’ll make another post about ‘(too much) data’ in the future.

#2 Exclusiveness

Remember when Kanye West sold plain white shirts for $120,-? Yeah, you try doing that. It’s proven time and time again that you could literally sell shit and make money. Ohh wait, it gets even better. There is a company literally selling shit and making money. I shit you not. It’s called [tooltip_image hint=”Holy Shit it’s real…Shitexpress source: http://en.shitexpress.com/” image=”https://www.neversmartenough.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Shitexpress-I-shit-you-not.jpg”]shitexpress.[/tooltip_image] To sell shit, all you need to do is convince people that this is the best shit ever and you’ve got yourself a market! Pen…SOLD.

#3 Scarcity

This one is closely related to the exclusiveness argument. However, unlike exclusiveness, something can become valuable when it’s it scarce, but scarcity does not give something value. The fact that there’s not a lot of something doesn’t mean it’s worth something. The Mona Lisa is estimated to be worth about 1 Billion dollars. It’s the only one of its kind made by Vincent Van Suck a Dick Gogh. If besides the Mona Lisa, Gogh made a Halle Berry, a Beyonce and Amandla Stenberg there would be a high probability that the Mona Lisa wouldn’t be worth as much as it is right now. This is just to illustrate something valuable because it’s scarce.

An example where scarcity does not mean value is this website. This is the only website called NeverSmartEnough.com yet it’s not worth a billion dollar (yet). You know what, here’s a picture of the Mona Lisa:

And just like that, this website is worth 1 Billion dollars! Pen………..SOLD!
By the way, if there was ever an auction of the Mona Lisa and I’m there I would laugh until I cried myself to sleep when somebody buys it for one billion dollars. You must be another kind of crazy to pay one billion dollars to look at something that you can google for free.

random sidenote: I think we should find a way to stop announcing to people that certain animals are becoming extinct. Telling people that a certain animal is going extinct might make them want it more. Suddenly the price of that animal rises and people in need of money will do everything they can to get it. It’s like somebody telling you your favorite food is about to run out for the rest of your life…suddenly the pressure increases to get it before it is gone!

Selling the pen

There are more ways to sell a pen. However, what I want you to take away from this is that you add value to yourself by asking questions about other people. If you learn to listen and respond accordingly, then you have just learned another way to sell yourself. Once you learn to sell yourself, you’ll be able to sell everything you touch.

When you try to sell something it is never about the object at hand. What sells is the emotional baggage you can give that object. We as people, give something invaluable value on a daily basis. If you can sprinkle a bit of passion on the item you’re selling, you could basically sell air to people…oh wait there is actually a company selling air to people. Holy shit and air….SMH.

Remember: If somebody asks you a question, start asking questions!

Enjoyed this story? Great! If you or somebody you know always wanted to learn how to sell something. you can follow the dropshipping journey or share it with your friends to learn what I’ve learned about selling ‘pens’ online. Also feel free to let me know how you would sell a pen down below in the comment section.

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