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This part of the website is made for all the random thoughts that at some point in time entered my mind. Most of them were probably created while either taking a shower or a shit. While taking a shit I realized it would be better to give it the title Random Shower Thoughts (for obvious reasons).

  1. Isn’t it strange that it never bothers you that billions of people died before you ever consciously existed as a human being?
  2. There are people who put silicones in their body because they don’t like the way they look.
  3. “Cheaters never win” is kind of a strange statement since you never catch all the cheaters that did win.
  4. Everybody you’ll ever meet will have a different version of you in their mind after you’re no longer there. The smarter everyone becomes, the smarter everyone becomes
  5. We cover the webcam on our laptop for privacy but don’t cover the front camera of our phone.
  6. Your only goal in life is to outthink yourself.
  7. A school doesn’t kill creativity, society does. School is just a reflection of a society.
  8. 10000 microevolution = 1 macroevolution. A perfect answer to people who don’t believe macroevolution is true. (Obviously, the numbers are meant as a hyperbole.)
  9. There’s an app for that is the answer to the question if there is an app for that.
  10. You realize how ignorant you are when the things you use every day stop working and you have no idea how to fix it (Phone? Car? Website?)
  11. To build on thought number 10: Even scarier is the idea that even if you’re able to fix the things you use every day, you can’t create it from scratch (what are the components of your phone made off?)
  12. Opportunities will always be there, you just have to readjust your investments.
  13. Access to constant information makes people believe that things are getting worse when in reality things drastically changed for the better. (Read the book Factfulness and/or Homo Deus before you even think about saying anything about this one)
  14. The necessary elements for the internet existed way before humans had the technology to create it.
  15. There’s a place on this planet/in this universe that is going to be the last place you will take your last breath
  16. The people surrounding Hitler thought he was doing a great job
  17. The universe is expanding, where is it expanding into? And where is that expanding into?
  18. Every single choice or decision you’ve made in your life has brought you here, reading my shower thoughts
  19. We learn to read, so we can read to learn
  20. How many people have I seen on the last day of their lives?
  21. The moment you read this, you were younger than the moment you read this
  22. You’ll probably forget all the thoughts I shared as time goes on
  23. What are some of the things that we think are impossible, but become possible as time goes on
  24.  Is there a way to train your brain into remembering almost everything
  25. Would you want to be able to remember everything?
  26. The generation that’s born right now will probably have robot friends
  27. Inflation is currently about 2% per year. If I give you a 100 dollars right now and you keep it on your savings account, you’d be losing money. The reason for this would be that everything, every year gets about 2% more expensive.
  28. To build on thought number 27: If you’re not getting an increase in your raise of at least 2% per year, you’re getting a pay cut.
  29. The war in Iraq has been going on for 15 years. In a couple of years, there will be people who weren’t born when the towers came down that will be deployed in Iraq. [Not checked for accuracy yet]
  30. The only way you can find the faults in your thoughts is when you know how it’s supposed to be working
  31. More coming as soon as I take more showers…

Feel free to leave your random shower thoughts in the comments down below

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