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Knowledge over Fear part 3

One of the things in life you can’t spend twice is time. Doing something automatically means you’re not doing something else. Since you’re reading this, let me stop myself from rambling, so you can do something else. Like, read this post to start your day right.

By now we know that knowledge is a great asset for challenging or removing (irrational) fears. The process of conquering your fears isn’t finished after conquering just one fear. It’s a continuous investment of your time into yourself. The more time you spend eliminating your fears, the more your mind grows. The more your mind grows, the fewer fears you’ll have. That’s about as straightforward as it can get!

Growing takes time.

I could tell you a fascinating story about a tree called General Sherman. By volume, it is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth.[1] If I were to tell you the story you would probably get the analogy I would try to make. A small seed planted millenniums ago grew into a gentle giant. You’d understand that the right circumstances, location and time made it possible for the seed to do what it did and how you need to embrace those principles in order to grow. Except, it didn’t do what it did. It did what it did because it had no choice.

Planting tree

But you do.

You’re not a tree. You didn’t fall into one place with an inability to move. You are a thinking, moving unstoppable force with the power to change almost everything around you. You don’t wait for the right circumstances, location or time…

You create them.

When there’s no water in the nearby surroundings, the tree dies, but you can move. When a fire comes your way, the tree burns, but you can move. Never forget that when things go bad in one place, you usually have the option to move.

Knowing takes time.

You are where you are because of your knowledge. You’ll go where you want to go because of your knowledge. Everything in life comes back to knowledge. We need the knowledge to understand, overcome, and conquer our fears. We need the knowledge to try and make the best decisions for ourselves and the people surrounding us. Growing takes time, knowing takes time, both of them take effort.

“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” Les Brown

[1] “The General Sherman Tree”Sequoia National Park. U.S. National Park Service. 1997-03-27. Retrieved 2011-08-12.

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