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Knowledge over Fear Part 1

Imagine jumping into the ocean and casually swimming 30 meters from the boat. Before taking a deep dive, you swallow a bunch of air and dive below the surface. Little did you know that this would be the day you would end up face-to-shark with this Great White Shark.


I can’t speak for you, but I know that that’s something that could make my heart skip a beat. Okay, I lied. I can speak for you. You, me and most likely the majority of the population would have a hard time controlling this abundance of fear.

We can’t blame anyone (except for the people who contributed to the thoughts and yourself for believing everything anyone says) since this is probably the image that comes to our mind when we’re thinking about a Great White Shark.

Fear of white shark

I would even argue that the fear is rightfully justified since the danger of ending as it’s snack is a possibility. There’s no shortage of real-life examples to illustrate this.

Headlines of newspapers sure don’t help to change the mental image in your mind. Everything confirms the fear you hold. Great White Shark = Horrible death…

That is until you come across a video of somebody swimming with this gentle giant:

It’s surreal that there is somebody on this planet right now that swam right next to a Great White shark. It’s even crazier to think that you would look at that giant fish with a mindset of wanting to touch it. Yet, these people exist and they don’t seem to have a death wish. So what could be the one thing that they have that we probably lack in this situation? Mental health problems! Knowledge!

knowledge has a beginning but no end Geeta Iyengar

It’s incorrect to assume that the people diving with these Great White Sharks are not afraid. What we can rightly assume is that they trust their knowledge about the situation more than the fear that would drive most people away.

You stop being afraid or at least stop making irrational choices when you know how to handle the situation. You need knowledge about the situation in order to come to the most justified conclusion.

However, how do you know when you’re conclusion is justified? Go to the next part where I dive a little bit deeper into the human mind.

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