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Hack to grow your social media (Instagram edition)

If you made some money you have to reinvest your newly made wealth to create more wealth. Don’t stop when you’ve reached a little bit of success, stop when you’ve reached the comfort level you desire. Successful people make money to make more money from that money.

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1. I’m not saying that money equals happiness

After rereading the intro I decided to add this little part in here. I don’t want you to think that money equals happiness. Nothing in life equals happiness. Happiness is a state of mind that’s achieved as an individual when you finally manage to take care of your thoughts. I know a lot of people suffer from some form of self-discipline, depression, fair of failure or any of the other mind limiting things that happen inside the human brain. A big question to ask yourself is: how do you to take care of those thoughts? Since this post is about growing your social media account I decided to write another post that might help you with this problem. Click here….or here to go to the post. Or click here if you feel lucky. You can also click right…….here.

2.Growing your Instagram account

While Instagram influencers work great to get fast, short-term sales, creating and maintaining your own social media account for your company/self is what’s really going to pay off. Social proof is a strong incentive for people to buy. Most people like to stay on the safe side of things and having a lot of followers gives them that sense of ease. In short: people trust, what other people trust.

2.1 A herd of Sheeple

Trusting what other people trust is one of our most basic instincts and mostly referred to as a herd mentality or sheeple. My opinion is that we are all sheeple and it is not necessarily a good or a bad thing. It’s not possible to figure out everything by yourself. Can you imagine test driving every car to see which one is the best? Can you imagine sending all your food to a food testing lab, just to be sure the food is good enough to eat? No, you (unconsciously) trust them because other people trust them. When 9 out of 10 people tell you that Car X is a driving piece of crap it would be a bad investment to buy Car X. Remember the Samsung note 7? Would you take that phone if someone gave it to you for free? Would you really take that chance?
samsung-galaxy-note-7-exploding-funny-reactions-thumb640 (1)

Exactly, you probably wouldn’t take it. So don’t mind people when they tell you that you’re a sheep, everybody is a sheep in one way or another some people just have a hard time excepting it.

2.2 Growing your Instagram account

Instagram has 600 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users. Expanded Drambeling

Hate it or love it, it’s here to stay for the next few years. If in this day and age you’re not working on growing a social media account for business you’re probably missing out on a lot of potential income. Having 10K or more people within your reach at any given time can give your store a boost like nothing else. Not only will you look more credible, you will essentially have your own group to market to. The best thing about setting up a social media account on almost all popular platforms is that it is completely free. Usually, the problem is not making an account. The problem arises when you have to grow and maintain it. Doing everything on your own is going to cost you a lot of time. Now there are a lot of ways to gain followers and I want to talk about this little hack that I found recently to start growing your account the first couple of weeks for free, with real followers.

2.3 Hacking the system!

Time is the most valuable asset there is. To grow your Instagram account you need a monster that’s going to keep working for you 24/7! Now before I tell you the technique I encourage you to first try gaining followers (without the technique) for a week. See how many posts you can like, how many comments you can post and how many people you can follow and unfollow. Eventually, just like every other person that starts out motivated, you will most likely get tired of doing this. You know what will suck even more? When you put in all your effort and it grows at a slow pace. I’ve tried it before and grew one account to 3300+ followers in about 1.5 years without using this hack. It was fun learning a lot of things about social media but I will never do it this way again. So who is the monster that’s going to keep on working for you 24/7?
Well here is the list:
Fanharvest = 14-day free trial (not working anymore)
Instaplus = 7-day free trial (not working anymore)
Likestagram = no free trial(not working anymore)
Instagress = 3-day free trial (not working anymore)
FollowAdder = 7 Day Refund
Socialgrow = 7 -day free trial
Archie = free trial
Robolike = 3-day free trial
Instamacro = free trial
zen-promo = 3-day free trial

This is a list of all the Instagram programs I was able to find. The goal is to find as many of these Instagram programs and use their free trials to give you followers. If you combine all the Free Trials from all those programs you’d end up with a couple of weeks of free promotions! When one Free Trial ends, you simply move on to the next one! After you’ve tried every one of those, you’ll be able to pick the one that worked best for you and stick with them to keep growing your account. Win-Win!
In total, you should have more than 44 days of free promotions. Even if you only manage to get 23 followers a day that would amount to 1000 followers. That’s probably more than most people will ever reach.

2.4 My recommendation

After you finished all those programs I would recommend followadderZen-Promo is good too, but FollowAdder has the option to schedule your posts to Instagram. With that, you can really sit back, relax and watch your following grow.

3. Marketing Agency

The best thing about learning how to grow social media accounts is the ability to sell that skill in the future. Social media is not going anywhere and if you know how to get real followers in a short amount of time, you’ll be able to contact (small) businesses and help them grow their audience. The prices you can ask for this service is ridiculous. The best part is that once you get the ‘secret’ formula for growing an Instagram account or any social media for that matter you’ll be able to grow them out even faster in the future.
Any social media account is supposed to grow exponentially. The more followers you have, the easier it becomes to get more followers. I call it the hop on the bandwagon combined with the FOMO effect. People are seeing that others are following your account, so they will also follow your account because they don’t want to be the one that’s going to miss out.

A marketing agency focused on Instagram is something anyone can do. You now know something a lot of other people don’t know. I’ll most likely talk about starting your own marketing agency in a future post after I finish posting about the other social media’s. For now, just try to grow an Instagram account and see how far you come.

Update April 2018

Instagram is currently shutting down some of these services. I will be making another post in the future to show you what you can do about

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