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Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to politics

About 2-3 years ago, I wrote an article that explained why the rise of Donald Trump is a great thing. Now, years later, I must admit that he did not disappoint. He’s f*cking America so much that the cum stains are visible in all parts of the world. That’s a significant achievement!

The ultimate reality show

We’ve been bombarded with so many reality TV that shows us anything and everything but reality. The only reality about reality shows is that they are created in the real world with real people. However, they do a horrible job of showing how to actively deal with the everyday persons reality.

Combine that with a constant dopamine high you get from scrolling on your phone looking at social media “influencers” that portray a perfect reality ,and you get the perfect storm.

As far as I know, shows like Teen Mom do a terrible job of showcasing the reality of how to be a responsible parent. They don’t show you how to have meaningful conversations/communicate with your partner and child. They don’t focus on mental health problems and solutions. Their primary focus is to generate revenue. And the best way to generate revenue is by creating and focusing on controversies. Because one thing we humans love is drama. The bigger the drama, the better the money.

As long as you’re aware of this, keep Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Watching KUWTK tv

Now I don’t really care which mindless shows you watch to keep your mind entertained. We all need entertainment from time to time, and I think having your brain on autopilot every once in a while is necessary and healthy. Just remember that it’s not reality even though it is real.

What does all of this have to do with Donald Trump?

Well, politics is our reality! Whether you like it or not, the people in your government actively make decisions that influence your day to day life. If there’s one reality tv show you should pay attention to, I think it should be politics. Now the best thing about this reality show is that it is not a show, but it is reality.

Now, back to the best thing to happen in politics, The Donald.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a big expected disappointment, but he definitely did not disappoint.

One thing he shined a massive light on is the hatred and ignorance that’s hidden deep within every society. Most people like to act like certain things don’t exist because nobody talks about it. The problem is that people do talk about it, you just didn’t hear it because the spotlight was not there. Now it is, and it is time to acknowledge its existence and educate/debate them into oblivion.

Sportlight Hate Ignorance

Seeing the con

I have yet to meet a person that walks up to me and says: “you know what, today I want to be conned.”

Nobody likes to think they could be fooled by a conman. Being fooled by a conman means you were at one point too blind to see what the con was. A lot of people, when conned, instead of seeing the scam, are just going to act like there is no con, or even worse, become part of the con.

If there is one thing Donald Trump did, which will have a lasting impact for years to come its turning Politics into a real reality show. Now everybody gets to be a witness to the con.

Fighting the con

Politics has become a reality show. What happens in a political sphere has a lot of impact on our day to day lives. So the more people pay attention, the better the reality behind the show will get for all of us.

How does this work?

Well, it’s like the Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch where you, the watcher, gets to choose what happens next. Sure, you still won’t know precisely what the impact of your choice will be, but not choosing anything at all, still won’t stop the show from playing.

Bandersnatch Politics NSE

Now that you’re paying attention to the show, it’s time to elect people that will represent the values, principles, and policies you care about. It’s time to fight for a better life for all of us instead of making a few very wealthy people, even wealthier. Don’t worry. I’ll have a special post for them soon. For now, savor on the fact that you need to vote, but even more importantly, you need to get other people to vote as well.

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