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5 of the best Philosophical Movies

On our journey to find the best philosophical movies we compiled together a list of movies everybody should watch. Philosophy literally means ‘The Love of Wisdom’. Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. If you watch films with an intent to learn something from it, films can actually serve as a great tool to keep your mind fit. So here is a…

List of some of the Best Philosophical Movies*

1. The Truman Show

Christof: “We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented, it’s as simple as that. ” This sentence as said by one of the characters perfectly describes the deeper meaning behind the Truman Show. Truman is the main character living in an artificial reality controlled by a giant company. His reality comes with, at least to the viewers, an obvious amount of hints to help him see the true reality. The show is a perfect allegory for our present society. Humans who like to pretend like they can’t be fooled but fail to see the obvious flaws of the everyday life. But what happens when the flaws become too obvious and more and more people see the BS that’s coming from the top?

This film will surely bombard you with questions about human nature and our struggle with power. Truman also reiterates our inability to see the obvious flaws in our everyday life. It will hopefully put you on a thinking trip which eventually leads you to spill your mind in the comment section below, and I’ll love it! Be sure to check out why the rise of Donald Trump is great as an addition to this movie.

2. After the Dark

How would you redesign our society in case of a nuclear apocalypse? Taking place in a classroom, the seniors are being challenged by their philosophy teacher to do just that. Touching a couple of the most famous philosophical thought experiments (like the Infinite Monkey Theorem) that have haunted our society for centuries. This begs the question of what route a society had to take if it were to start all over again with the knowledge that it has now. A question of who and what skills become relevant to our imminent survival as a species. How would you redesign our society if you had the chance?

3. Fight Club

Fight Club is probably one of the most famous mind-twisters out there. A slap of reality into the world of . Cards that no longer require you to type in a pin when you want to buy something. Home delivery of food and goods with the click of a few buttons. As buying becomes easier by the day the real question becomes if our love for stuff going too far? Fight Club really know how to dick deep into a character that is sick of being told what to wear, buy, drive and own in order to be cool.

I think I just broke the first rule of Fight Club with this piece here.

4. Gattaca

Not a lot of people seem to have heard about this movie. To say it is underrated would be an understatement. Released in 1997 the visuals are truly astonishing. With designer babies being part of our close future this movie is a perfect example of a real reality for our future. What happens in a society to the people that we’re not designed “perfectly”? What happens when you give the richest among us another advantage which makes it next to impossible for the poor people to catch up? The debate about whether it’s going to be a part of our society is over since it is already a part. So what do we do from here on out?

5. Cloud Atlas

The butterfly effect in full effect. The butterfly effect, for those that don’t know, is a hypothetical example of a chaos theory which illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. If for example, I throw a rock in the ocean there is a possibility that that rock can knock somebody out 2 million years from now by a Tsunami when it hits them in the head. This movie is a perfect exploration of how to actions of an individual impact the lives of others in the past, present and future.

*The list is in no specific order and nowhere near all the great other movies that are out there. Do you have any great philosophical movies? Feel free to let me know down below in the comment section!

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