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5 Great Body and Mind Hacks

I don’t think I have to convince you that the mind and body are capable of doing amazing things. We’re a creature that constantly investigates its own existence to understand everything better. In a way, our mind hacks us every day to try and find the best solutions. The more we get to learn about what we are and what we can do, the stranger things get.
Here is the list of 5 great mind and body hacks:

1. What are you looking at?

Did you know that eye-contact is one of the best and fastest ways to create a connection with someone? An easy way to make a deeper connection with someone in a shorter time is to try and take note of their eye color. Don’t just creepily stare into their eyes with a psychopath stare, but while having a friendly smile on your face, really try to see which color their eyes are. It’s a great way to practice longer and deeper connections.

If you really want to take it to the next level try the extreme version of eye contact. With a friend or partner, without saying a word to each other, try to stare into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes while sitting in a dimly lit room. There is a high probability that you’ll start to feel a strange sensation where you lose your normal connection with reality. Some of the feelings can be a sensation of sounds seeming really loud or quiet and time slowing down, according to the Italian psychologist Giovanni Caputo in a published paper.

2. Hello, ladies and gents…

If you were to create a top 3 of things students and career junkies hate the most then giving speeches would definitely be in there.  The stress of having tens or hundreds of eyes on you can even make the best of us a bit nervous. However, there is an easy mind hack for this problem. The one thing I always tell myself before I have to give a presentation is that people don’t know what you’ve rehearsed. The crowd won’t know if you made an error because it’s the first time hearing it. Since they can’t read your mind (yet) to see which part was missing, they all believe you told everything there is to know.

Another handy trick is to have something in your hands when you speak to avoid  the confusion of “what should I do with these things hanging on the side of my body?” I recommend holding a pen or a clicker to keep your hands busy. Whatever you do you should at all costs avoid sticking your hands in your pockets. When you have your hands in your pockets it comes off as someone that lacking in self-assurance.

Bars figured this dirty trick out years ago. People will keep on buying drinks just so they can have something to hold in their hand. A drink in your hand is the adult version of a security blanket. Next time you’re in a bar look at a number of people holding something in their hand. Now imagine that those drinks are all security blankets. Have a laugh, and move on with your day.

The alternative

While holding something in your hand is a great distraction, I encourage you to also learn how to move your hands without holding anything. Capturing your audience attention requires movement from your whole body. Learn how to talk with your hands and you’ll never need to hold anything again.

3. Drink early, drink more

A lot of people start their morning with a fresh cup of coffee. It has become a new normal that drinking coffee is a must, in order to kickstart your day. If coffee were to pop out of existence, a lot of people would most likely freak out! I’ve googled around a bit and to my understanding, there are both good and bad health benefits attached to drinking coffee. While there are some good benefits attached to it I think, as a rational human being, that we should strive to look for something better. I already did the looking around so all you have to do is read and apply.

The new secret revolutionary drink that has some of the same benefits as drinking a cup of coffee is… a glass of water. Ok, I’m lying. It is not just water. That would be too boring for the average human to drink. So instead of coffee, you’re supposed to drink a glass of cold water. Yes, emphasis on the cold part. The secret to a glass of cold water is that it helps your body increase its metabolism because your body needs to use more energy to warm up the cold water to your body’s temperature. A great wake-up call for your body to start working!

4. Teach what you learn.

The best way for your brain to remember and understand a subject is by teaching it to other people. The mind hack is to teach other minds! Teaching something is a great way to test if you really understand what you’ve learned before. If you can answer every question that is thrown at you and make people understand what you’re teaching, you understand it good enough. If you ever need to tell people that they need to look it up for themselves. You didn’t understand it yourself. If you need another person to explain it to that person, you most likely didn’t get it yourself. So when you think you finally understand a subject invite over some friends. Serve them a glass of cold water and try to entertain them by teaching them something new. Besides remembering it better yourself and teaching other people something new, you’ll also be working on your speech skills! Triple win, for the win.

5. Stop Gagging

It’s no secret that we’ve all had some freaky oral experience with our toothbrush.  There has been a moment in your life where that thing goes way too far and gives you the gagging of a lifetime. So to my relief, there is a way to stop this gagging reflex.vommiting

You can send a donation to my PayPal account after you see how easy it is to stop this natural reflex. So the next time you’re gagging while brushing the back of your tongue, the only thing you need to do is hold your thumb in your left or right hand (depending on the hand you use for brushing).  Use your imagination to think of a time where this little trick might also come in handy!

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