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Never Smart Enough http://www.neversmartenough.com Daily Dose of Knowledge Mon, 20 Nov 2017 11:05:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.1 9 things you need to remember to start your day right! http://www.neversmartenough.com/9-things-you-need-to-remember-to-start-your-day-right/ http://www.neversmartenough.com/9-things-you-need-to-remember-to-start-your-day-right/#respond Sun, 12 Nov 2017 18:43:07 +0000 http://www.neversmartenough.com/?p=4156 It’s common to start the beginning of a post with a little introduction to get your readers in the right mood. But for the sake of this post: I do not care about your mood or feelings.

Nobody cares

As much as people care at one moment in time, nobody really cares about it all the time. Try to remember this little life hack. The human mind likes to play tricks on itself by making it believe that every mistake or event will be written on their body for the rest of their life. In most cases, this is a big lie we tell ourselves to stay in our comfort zone.
In the grand scheme of things most people really don’t care about your mistakes. Most of them are too busy focussing on their own mistakes to even notice your mistakes.

But somebody cares

I don’t literally mean that nobody cares. You’re not alone. Nobody is alone. But asking somebody that never met you to care deeply about your personal feelings is not something that will happen anytime soon. The people that care are the ones affected by your presence or loss. Even though 99,9999999% of the world does not “care” about you personal well-being, the 0,0000001% that know you do care. One of life’s adventures is to find the people you want to have around you just as much as they want you around them. Hunt them down and befriend them.

Don’t think too much

We’re good at thinking but we suck at controlling our thoughts. As soon as you see someone you want to talk to, talk to them. As soon as you want to do something, do it. The longer you wait the harder it will get to convince your mind to actually do it. Because one thing people are good at is thinking about excuses not to do it.

Mess up on purpose

The best way to learn is to fail fast and fail often. Reflect on where it went wrong and improve yourself. It’s a great way to change your way of thinking. At first, it’ll feel uncomfortable but after failing a bunch of time you just don’t care about the failures anymore. Nothing and nobody can stop someone that does not mind failing. They almost always succeed because they’ll never quit and keep on trying until they figure it out.

Keep Improving

If you think you know everything you’ll stop looking for better ways to fix the problem. It’s the impediment to growth. You can compare it to trying to cut wood with a bread knife. Most people, when they succeed to cut down a tree with a bread knife, will be satisfied enough to stop finding new ways to improve it. Even when you find something that works, you should never stop searching for something that works better! I believe it’s easier to accomplish the goal with an ax or a metal saw.

Change your surroundings

It’s important to keep adding value to the people around you. You’re a combination and accumulation of the people surrounding you. The more they grow, the more you grow. Now you can either try to change the people around you right now or find new people to surround yourself with. And don’t even try the “oh I’m too old to make new friends” rhetoric. You’re never too old to make new friends. Friendships are not tested by time, rather by loyalty and mutual understandings.

Use your legs

Don’t feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do. (Most of) you have 2 legs and a mind. Use them when you need them. If you’re being pressured into doing something you don’t want to do or if you’re in a situation where you say something wrong, you can walk away. I’m not saying to just walk away when someone is talking to you or when you’re confronted with something you’re scared of. No, what I’m saying is that you have the option to walk away. It’s your life and you need to remember that at the end of the day, you’re in control of your own legs. Knowing you’re in control should be enough to at least face any obstacles.

Getting older

Grownups are nothing more than grown little children. They have not experienced or done everything there is to do. There are things where some adults cannot help you because they have never experienced or thought about it. While experience is a great teacher it does not always come to the right answers. That’s why it’s very important to become wise enough to know that you’ll never know it all. You won’t even know a fraction of everything there is to know. So all you can do is make sure that the small fraction of knowledge you have is enough to pass on to the next generation to help them grow.

Do more

You have to do more to get more. When you tell yourself that you’re going to finish something try to finish more than you first planned to do. If you’re in the gym or working out at home and set your mind to doing 10 sit-ups, convince your mind to do 12 when you reach 10. Do this enough times and one day you’ll be able to convince your body that you’re the driver and you decide when you want to quit.

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5 Great Body and Mind Hacks http://www.neversmartenough.com/5-great-mind-hacks-body-hacks/ http://www.neversmartenough.com/5-great-mind-hacks-body-hacks/#respond Wed, 01 Nov 2017 02:26:53 +0000 http://www.neversmartenough.com/?p=4512 I don’t think I have to convince you that the mind and body are capable of amazing things. We’re a creature that constantly investigates its own existence to understand everything better. In a way, our mind hacks us every day to try and find the best solutions. The more we get to learn about what we are and what we can do, the stranger things get.
Here is the list of 5 great mind and body hacks:

1. What are you looking at?

Did you know that eye-contact is one of the best and fastest ways to create a connection with someone? An easy way to make a deeper connection with someone in a shorter time is to try and take note of their eye color. Don’t just creepily stare into their eyes with a psychopath stare, but while having a friendly smile on your face, really try to see which color their eyes are. It’s a great way to practice longer and deeper connections.

If you really want to take it to the next level try the extreme version of eye contact. With a friend or partner, without saying a word to each other, try to stare into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes while sitting in a dimly lit room. There is a high probability that you’ll start to feel a strange sensation where you lose your normal connection with reality. Some of the feelings can be a sensation of sounds seeming really loud or quiet and time slowing down, according to the Italian psychologist Giovanni Caputo in a published paper.

2. Hello, ladies and gents…

If you were to create a top 3 of things students and career junkies hate the most then giving speeches would definitely be in there.  The stress of having tens or hundreds of eyes on you can even make the best of us a bit nervous. However, there is an easy mind hack for this problem. The one thing I always tell myself before I have to give a presentation is that people don’t know what you’ve rehearsed. The crowd won’t know if you made an error because it’s the first time hearing it. Since they can’t read your mind (yet) to see which part was missing, they all believe you told everything there is to know.

Another handy trick is to have something in your hands when you speak to avoid  the confusion of “what should I do with these things hanging on the side of my body?” I recommend holding a pen or a clicker to keep your hands busy. Whatever you do you should at all costs avoid sticking your hands in your pockets. When you have your hands in your pockets it comes off as someone that lacking in self-assurance.

Bars figured this dirty trick out years ago. People will keep on buying drinks just so they can have something to hold in their hand. A drink in your hand is the adult version of a security blanket. Next time you’re in a bar look at a number of people holding something in their hand. Now imagine that those drinks are all security blankets. Have a laugh, and move on with your day.

The alternative

While holding something in your hand is a great distraction, I encourage you to also learn how to move your hands without holding anything. Capturing your audience attention requires movement from your whole body. Learn how to talk with your hands and you’ll never need to hold anything again.

3. Drink early, drink more

water bottleA lot of people start their morning with a fresh cup of coffee. It has become a new normal that drinking coffee is a must, in order to kickstart your day. If coffee were to pop out of existence, a lot of people would most likely freak out! I’ve googled around a bit and to my understanding, there are both good and bad health benefits attached to drinking coffee. While there are some good benefits attached to it I think, as a rational human being, that we should strive to look for something better. I already did the looking around so all you have to do is read and apply.

The new secret revolutionary drink that has some of the same benefits as drinking a cup of coffee is… a glass of water. Ok, I’m lying. It is not just water. That would be too boring for the average human to drink. So instead of coffee, you’re supposed to drink a glass of cold water. Yes, emphasis on the cold part. The secret to a glass of cold water is that it helps your body increase its metabolism because your body needs to use more energy to warm up the cold water to your body’s temperature. A great wake-up call for your body to start working!

4. Teach what you learn.

The best way for your brain to remember and understand a subject is by teaching it to other people. The mind hack is to teach other minds! Teaching something is a great way to test if you really understand what you’ve learned before. If you can answer every question that is thrown at you and make people understand what you’re teaching, you understand it good enough. If you ever need to tell people that they need to look it up for themselves. You didn’t understand it yourself. If you need another person to explain it to that person, you most likely didn’t get it yourself. So when you think you finally understand a subject invite over some friends. Serve them a glass of cold water and try to entertain them by teaching them something new. Besides remembering it better yourself and teaching other people something new, you’ll also be working on your speech skills! Triple win, for the win.

5. Stop Gagging

Holding your thumbIt’s no secret that we’ve all had some freaky oral experience with our toothbrush.  There has been a moment in your life where that thing goes way too far and gives you the gagging of a lifetime. So to my relief, there is a way to stop this gagging reflex. You can send a donation to my PayPal account after you see how easy it is to stop this natural reflex. So the next time you’re gagging while brushing the back of your tongue, the only thing you need to do is hold your thumb in your left or right hand (depending on the hand you use for brushing).  Use your imagination to think of a time where this little trick might also come in handy!

Liked this? Check out 9 things you can do to start your day the right way!


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5 of the best Philosophical Movies http://www.neversmartenough.com/5-best-philosophical-movies/ http://www.neversmartenough.com/5-best-philosophical-movies/#comments Fri, 30 Jun 2017 01:27:40 +0000 http://www.neversmartenough.com/?p=4539 On our journey to find the best philosophical movies we compiled together a list of movies everybody should watch. Philosophy literally means ‘The Love of Wisdom’. Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. If you watch films with an intent to learn something from it, films can actually serve as a great tool to keep your mind fit. So here is a…

List of some of the Best Philosophical Movies*

1. The Truman Show

Christof: “We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented, it’s as simple as that. ” This sentence as said by one of the characters perfectly describes the deeper meaning behind the Truman Show. Truman is the main character living in an artificial reality controlled by a giant company. His reality comes with, at least to the viewers, an obvious amount of hints to help him see the true reality. The show is a perfect allegory for our present society. Humans who like to pretend like they can’t be fooled but fail to see the obvious flaws of the everyday life. But what happens when the flaws become too obvious and more and more people see the BS that’s coming from the top?

This film will surely bombard you with questions about human nature and our struggle with power. Truman also reiterates our inability to see the obvious flaws in our everyday life. It will hopefully put you on a thinking trip which eventually leads you to spill your mind in the comment section below, and I’ll love it! Be sure to check out why the rise of Donald Trump is great as an addition to this movie.

2. After the Dark

How would you redesign our society in case of a nuclear apocalypse? Taking place in a classroom, the seniors are being challenged by their philosophy teacher to do just that. Touching a couple of the most famous philosophical thought experiments (like the Infinite Monkey Theorem) that have haunted our society for centuries. This begs the question of what route a society had to take if it were to start all over again with the knowledge that it has now. A question of who and what skills become relevant to our imminent survival as a species. How would you redesign our society if you had the chance?


3. Fight Club

Fight Club is probably one of the most famous mind-twisters out there. A slap of reality into the world of [tooltip hint=”Consumerism is a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.”]consumerism[/tooltip]. Cards that no longer require you to type in a pin when you want to buy something. Home delivery for food and goods with the click of a few buttons. As buying becomes easier by the day the real question becomes if our love for stuff going too far? Fight Club really know how to dick deep into a character that is sick of being told what to wear, buy, drive and own in order to be cool.

I think I just broke the first rule of Fight Club with this piece here.


4. Gattaca

Not a lot of people seem to have heard about this movie. To say it is underrated would be an understatement. Released in 1997 the visuals are truly astonishing. With designer babies being part of our close future this movie is a perfect example of a real reality for our future. What happens in a society to the people that we’re not designed “perfectly”? What happens when you give the richest among us another advantage which makes it next to impossible for the poor people to catch up? The debate about whether it’s going to be a part of our society is over since it is already a part. So what do we do from here on out?


5. Cloud Atlas

The butterfly effect in full effect. The butterfly effect, for those that don’t know, is a hypothetical example of a chaos theory which illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. If for example, I throw a rock in the ocean there is a possibility that that rock can knock somebody out 2 million years from now by a Tsunami when it hits them in the head. This movie is a perfect exploration of how to actions of an individual impact the lives of other in the past, present and future.


*The list is in no specific order and nowhere near all the great other movies that are out there. Do you have any great philosophical movies? Feel free to let me know down below in the comment section!
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Why the rise of Donald Trump is great http://www.neversmartenough.com/why-rise-donald-trump-great/ http://www.neversmartenough.com/why-rise-donald-trump-great/#respond Thu, 25 May 2017 16:46:20 +0000 http://www.neversmartenough.com/?p=4371 This post is great. It will be great, the best ever. Tremendous. It’ll be like something you have never seen before. So if you could just taPP the share button right now, you would do me a huge favor… let’s create the biggest crowd…again.
Sincerely, Donald Trump

Donald Trump Tweet
Now before I grab you by the pussy and guide you through this post I want you to keep in mind that there will be times where I’ll be grabbing it a little bit harder than you may be used to.

This means that certain opinions and viewpoints might conflict with your way of thinking, causing you to act like reversed grown person.

A reverse grown person? Yes, a reversed grown person. A person that thinks they’ve grown up but acts like a child every time something conflicts with their way of thinking. When this happens your mind shuts down from the inside and is (temporary) unable to reason or think critically. And without reason or critical thinking, we end up with Donald Trump.

If you’re a Donald Trump supporter you probably just experienced your first “reversed grown person” moment. However, you should keep on reading.

Use your brain. Don’t be a reversed grown person.


Before I start I just want to make clear that I personally do not live in the USA. Some might argue that one should focus on the country they’re currently inhabiting before they start pointing fingers. But how can you not point your finger at a wildfire? You can either wait until that wildfire burns your place to the ground or start doing whatever it is that needs to be done to contain it.

Another thing they often seem to forget is that we still live on the same planet. We’re connected in more ways than most of us can imagine. Remember the financial crisis from 2008/2009? Global Warming? The internet? Chocolate?! If the USA, China or any of those other big countries mess up, the rest of the world will feel the aftermath. So without further adieu…

Don’t be anything you want!

Unless we’re walking in the dessert and a venomous snake bites me in my ass or we’re sitting on a plane where both the pilot and co-pilot suddenly die, you and any other person should probably not be everything they want to be.

However, if we’re the only 2 people walking in the dessert and a venomous snake were to bite me, then congratulations, you’re officially a doctor that can start sucking the venom out. Or of the pilots died and you’re the only person on the plane that has been playing flight simulators for years? Well, ladies and gentlemen: our new captain!

You get the point. There are times and places where you can be the superhero and actually do something meaningful because there is no other option.

I suspect that in most cases, you would want to be treated/served by a professional. You don’t want any person that one day just feels like they can do the job, to do the job. If you’re ever going to have an operation I would like to think that you would want a certified surgeon. Not just any certified surgeon. No, you want the best surgeon around. One that doesn’t blink or sneezes while he is cutting you open.

When a surgeon approaches you with a surgical knife and tells you that he’s going to cut open your belly to remove something, you trust them because you expect that they’ve done the research and spend hours upon hours practicing their skills.

If for any random reason Donald Trump (and don’t say this is not possible because he became president) were to walk into the room and tell you that he was going to take over the job to slice you open, I would assume that 99% of you would happily deny the offer. The other 1% simply don’t want to live anymore.

In a lot of situations, we acknowledge that we don’t want everybody to just be anything they want to be. Almost everything requires a certain skill level. Without it, we would not progress as humans. We build on the knowledge of the ones before us so we don’t have to start from scratch every time a new person decides to create something.
How the wheel changed over time

That’s why we don’t need to go from a round wheel to a square wheel to know that a round wheel rolls better.

And we don’t need to go from politicians to actors to know that politicians will do a better job governing than actors. This is in no way saying that all politicians are doing a good job. Yes there is corruption and yes all is not well, but just like we would hold a surgeon accountable for their actions as a surgeon, we could hold politicians accountable by voting them out when they are incompetent to do their job.

So stop giving people that have never invested time into understanding the hardships of certain positions a platform to realize their crazy undesirable goals. Since Trump became president every individual suddenly thinks they can become whatever they want to be. I would like to welcome you to the age of people who hype other people up to run for something they have 0 knowledge of. 3 years from now we could be looking at something very undesirable…

The 2020 elections

I mean look at this.
We have Caitlyn Jenner & Kanye West…

The Rock…

and the list just keeps getting longer and longer!

While some of these individuals certainly have a skill and create/do great things, they can’t be great in everything they do. It would probably be wise to not let them become what they want to become.

But you should become anything you want

You simply can’t become anything you want to be because that’s not how life works. But you should become anything you want to be. It won’t always work out and it will be most likely be hard, but you should work hard to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

However, and this is especially the case with jobs that influence the lives of other individuals, you should strive to do it as best as possible.

Donald Trump proved that it doesn’t take a particular skillset to become the president. I say prove him wrong. Prove him wrong by investing your time into really understanding whatever it is you want to be and making sure you become the best at it.

This is the first part of a 2 or 3 part series. While there is a lot to criticize about Trump’s way of handling things you have to admit that at some level the guy is a marketing genius. The only question that keeps bothering me is whether he does it on purpose or is really (willfully) ignorant.

I mean he is not the first person rising to fame by being/acting ignorant.
*Cough Cough*
Cash me Ousside

So why is the rise of Donald Trump great?

It’s time to actively invest time into the people that decide how you should live your life. That’s 1 of the best reasons why the rise of Trump is great. Since Trump became president you must have noticed that people are starting to pay attention. I don’t remember people being this invested into policies when Obama was the president. Watching Donald Trump do unorthodox things woke up the rest of the world. If he so much as farts the wrong way, we will know!

If you’ve felt the urge to act like a reversed grown person, feel free to read 9 things you can do to start your day the right way!


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Hack to grow your social media (Instagram edition) http://www.neversmartenough.com/9-hack-to-grow-your-social-media-instagram-edition/ http://www.neversmartenough.com/9-hack-to-grow-your-social-media-instagram-edition/#respond Sat, 18 Feb 2017 20:30:12 +0000 http://www.neversmartenough.com/?p=3850 If you set up everything correctly like post number 6 explained and you’ve tried it, there is a high chance that you already made some sales. There is no rocket science to setting up and executing a Instagram influencer promotion. Whether it was successful or not it is now your job to tweak it and repeat it. If you made some money you have to reinvest your newly made wealth to create more wealth. Don’t stop when you’ve reached a little bit of success, stop when you’ve reached the comfort level you desire. Successful people make money to make more money from that money.

(you can skip this next paragraph if you want)

1. I’m not saying that money equals happiness

After rereading the intro I decided to add this little part in here. I don’t want you to think that money equals happiness. Nothing in life equals happiness. Happiness is a state of mind that’s achieved as an individual when you finally manage to take care of your thoughts. I know a lot of people suffer from some form of self-discipline, depression, fair of failure or any of the other mind limiting things that happen inside the human brain. A big question to ask yourself is: how do you to take care of those thoughts? Since this post is about growing your social media account I decided to write another post that might help you with this problem in the braintertainment section. Click here….or here to go to the post. Or click here. You can also click right…….here. (will be online in a couple of days)

2.Growing your Instagram account

While Instagram influencers work great to get fast, short-term sales, creating and maintaining your own social media account for your company is what’s really going to pay off. Social proof is a strong incentive for people to buy. Most people like to stay on the safe side of things and having a lot of followers gives them that sense of ease. In short: people trust, what other people trust.

2.1 A herd of Sheeple

Trusting what other people trust is one of our most basic instincts and mostly referred to as a herd mentality or sheeple. My opinion is that we are all sheeple and it is not necessarily a good or a bad thing. It’s not possible to figure out everything by yourself. Can you imagine test driving every car to see which one is the best? Can you imagine sending all your food to a food testing lab, just to be sure the food is good enough to eat? No, you (unconsciously) trust them because other people trust them. When 9 out of 10 people tell you that Car X is a driving piece of crap it would be a bad investment to buy Car X. Remember the Samsung note 7? Would you take that phone if someone gave it to you for free? Would you really take that chance?

Exactly, you probably wouldn’t take it. So don’t mind people when they tell you that you’re a sheep, everybody is a sheep in one way or another some people just have a hard time excepting it. 

2.2 Growing you Instagram account

Instagram has 600 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users.
Expanded Drambeling

Hate it or love it, it’s here to stay for the next few years. If in this day and age you’re not working on growing a social media account for business you’re probably missing out on a lot of potential income. Having 10K or more people within your reach at any given time can give your store a boost like nothing else. Not only will you look more credible, you will essentially have your own group to market to. The best thing about setting up a social media account on almost all popular platforms is that it is completely free. Usually, the problem is not making an account. The problem arises when you have to grow and maintain it. Doing everything on your own is going to cost you a lot of time. Now there are a lot of ways to gain followers and I want to talk about this little hack that I found recently to start growing your account the first couple of weeks for free, with real followers.


2.3 Hacking the system!

Time is the most valuable asset there is. To grow your Instagram account you need a monster that’s going to keep working for you 24/7! Now before I tell you the technique I encourage you to first try gaining followers (without the technique) for a week. See how many posts you can like, how many comments you can post and how many people you can follow and unfollow. Eventually, just like every other person that starts out motivated, you will most likely get tired of doing this. You know what will suck even more? When you put in all your effort and it grows at a slow pace. I’ve tried it before and grew one account to 3300+ followers in about 1.5 years without using this hack. It was fun learning a lot of things about social media but I will never do it this way again. So who is the monster that’s going to keep on working for you 24/7?
Well here is the list:
Fanharvest = 14-day free trial (not working anymore)
Instaplus = 7-day free trial (not working anymore)
Likestagram = no free trial(not working anymore)
Instagress = 3-day free trial (not working anymore)
FollowAdder = 7 Day Refund
Socialgrow = 7 -day free trial
Archie = free trial
Robolike = 3-day free trial
Easysocialgrow = no free trial
Instamacro = free trial
zen-promo = 3-day free trial

This is a list of all the Instagram programs I was able to find. The goal is to find as many of these Instagram programs and use their free trials to give you followers. If you combine all the Free Trials from all those programs you’d end up with a couple of weeks of free promotions! When one Free Trial ends, you simply move on to the next one! After you’ve tried every one of those, you’ll be able to pick the one that worked best for you and stick with them to keep growing your account. Win-Win!
In total, you should have more than 44 days of free promotions. Even if you only manage to get 23 followers a day that would amount to 1000 followers. That’s probably more than most people will ever reach.

2.4 My recommendation

After you finished all those programs I would recommend followadderZen-Promo is good too, but FollowAdder has the option to schedule your posts to Instagram. With that, you can really sit back, relax and watch your following grow.

Instagram Follow Adder


3. Marketing Agency

The best thing about learning how to grow social media accounts is the ability to sell that skill in the future. Social media is not going anywhere and if you know how to get real followers in a short amount of time, you’ll be able to contact (small) businesses and help them grow their audience. The prices you can ask for this service is ridiculous. The best part is that once you get the ‘secret’ formula for growing an Instagram account or any social media for that matter you’ll be able to grow them out even faster in the future.
Any social media account is supposed to grow exponentially. The more followers you have, the easier it becomes to get more followers. I call it the hop on the bandwagon combined with the [tooltip hint=”Fear Of Missing Out”]FOMO[/tooltip] effect. People are seeing that other are following your account, so they will also follow your account because they don’t want to be the one that’s going to miss out.

A marketing agency focused on Instagram is something anyone can do. You now know something a lot of other people don’t know. I’ll most likely talk about starting your own marketing agency in a future post after I finish posting about the other social media’s. For now, just try to grow an Instagram account and see how far you come.

Update May 2017

Instagram is currently shutting down some of these services. I will be making another post in the fututre to show you what you can do about this.

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Sell me this pen http://www.neversmartenough.com/sell-me-this-pen/ http://www.neversmartenough.com/sell-me-this-pen/#respond Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:58:52 +0000 http://www.neversmartenough.com/?p=4070 Most of you have probably watched the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. If you’ve not seen it, then I just have to ask you what you’ve been doing all your life. I highly recommend you watch it. There is one part in the movie where Jordan Belford (Leonardo DiCaprio) asks one of the guys sitting at the table to se….wait you know what, instead of a boring explanation, here is the clip:

(Quaa)ludes and chill anyone?

The first thing I want you to pay attention to is the guy eating his burger. See how, before Jordan asked him to sell his pen, he was able to talk about how he could ‘sell (quaa)ludes to a convent full of nuns, and get them so horny they’d be f*cking each other.’ However, a few seconds later when Jordan actually asks him to sell a pen, his response was to let him finish his food first because he hasn’t eaten all day (like he needs the burger anyway).

Now, there’s at least one thing this guy has and one thing he lacks. The thing he has is an excuse. It’s something most of us have in real life. It’s easier to invent an excuse than it is to execute what you really want and can do. But remember that every excuse you make in your life, is just that, an excuse. Trust me, there will never be a shortage of excuses. He could’ve said that his wives best friends little brother from another mother farted, which caused the ozone layer hole to grow in size and contributed to global warming which is why he was not able to respond to the question because it got hotter by 0.0000000001 degrees.
When you grow as a person you’ll realize that people will make excuses for everything, don’t be one of them.

The one thing the burger-eating-bitch is lacking is persuasiveness. After his little rant about nuns, you would expect that he would be able to sell anything. I guess his argument against this would be that he could sell anything, but not anytime. Soooo, is Mr.Burger King really a good seller? I think a good seller is able to sell under pressure. A good seller is able to convince anyone at any time that they need the thing they’re offering. If a piece of food is going to stand in your way of making the (big) sale, then I’m sorry to inform you but you are not a good seller. Now back to the original point of this story.

How do you sell the pen?

There is no one best way to sell the pen. In the short clip above Mr.Mustache showed you the supply and demand method. He has something, you need it and he sells it to you. This method has been around for thousands of years and while it works, there are definitely other methods to learn.

#1 Personal Value

You’re able to sell something to someone because, in some way or another, it adds value to their life. The thing is not necessarily something the other person needs but rather something they want. There’s not a lot of thought process needed to figure out what people need. There’s no argument that people need clean drinking water, need to eat, need to brush their teeth and need to shit. Without those things, we’d probably get ill and die.

A lot of people buy things because of what it can mean for them. In order to know what something means to someone, you must first figure out what they like. And this is where a lot of people make the mistake. You cannot figure out what another person wants if you talk about yourself. In order to get a clear picture of another person, you need to ask a lot of questions and not talk about yourself. The more questions you ask, the better you get the know the person. The better you get to know the person, the better you’ll be able to sell something to them. By asking questions you improve the uniqueness of that individual. They’re no longer just a random person on the street. No, what they suddenly became is a piece of walking data. If somebody tells you that they love basketball and you’re offering them tickets to a cricket match, you can be almost sure that you’re not going to sell that pen.

This ‘profiling’ happens all the time on the internet. This is why companies/hackers/stores want your information and this is what you need to collect if you want to sell something. The more data* they have on you or the more data you have on your audience, the better they or you will be able to sell a pen. So remember, the more you know about them the more you can play in on their wants.

*I’ll make another post about ‘(too much) data’ in the future.

#2 Exclusiveness

Remember when Kanye West sold plain white shirts for $120,-? Yeah, you try doing that. It’s proven time and time again that you could literally sell shit and make money. Ohh wait, it gets even better. There is a company literally selling shit and making money. I shit you not. It’s called [tooltip_image hint=”Holy Shit it’s real…Shitexpress source: http://en.shitexpress.com/” image=”http://www.neversmartenough.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Shitexpress-I-shit-you-not.jpg”]shitexpress.[/tooltip_image] To sell shit, all you need to do is convince people that this is the best shit ever and you’ve got yourself a market! Pen…SOLD.

#3 Scarcity

This one is closely related to the exclusiveness argument. However, unlike exclusiveness, something can become valuable when it’s it scarce, but scarcity does not give something value. The fact that there’s not a lot of something doesn’t mean it’s worth something. The Mona Lisa is estimated to be worth about 1 Billion dollars. It’s the only one of its kind made by Vincent Van Suck a Dick Gogh. If besides the Mona Lisa, Gogh made a Halle Berry, a Beyonce and Amandla Stenberg there would be a high probability that the Mona Lisa wouldn’t be worth as much as it is right now. This is just to illustrate something valuable because it’s scarce.

An example where scarcity does not mean value is this website. This is the only website called NeverSmartEnough.com yet it’s not worth a billion dollar (yet). You know what, here’s a picture of the Mona Lisa:

And just like that, this website is worth 1 Billion dollars! Pen………..SOLD!
By the way, if there was ever an auction of the Mona Lisa and I’m there I would laugh until I cried myself to sleep when somebody buys it for one billion dollars. You must be another kind of crazy to pay one billion dollars to look at something that you can google for free.

random sidenote: I think we should find a way to stop announcing to people that certain animals are becoming extinct. Telling people that a certain animal is going extinct might make them want it more. Suddenly the price of that animal rises and people in need of money will do everything they can to get it. It’s like somebody telling you your favorite food is about to run out for the rest of your life…suddenly the pressure increases to get it before it is gone!

Selling the pen

There are more ways to sell a pen. However, what I want you to take away from this is that you add value to yourself by asking questions about other people. If you learn to listen and respond accordingly, then you have just learned another way to sell yourself. Once you learn to sell yourself, you’ll be able to sell everything you touch.

When you try to sell something it is never about the object at hand. What sells is the emotional baggage you can give that object. We as people, give something invaluable value on a daily basis. If you can sprinkle a bit of passion on the item you’re selling, you could basically sell air to people…oh wait there is actually a company selling air to people. Holy shit and air….SMH.

Remember: If somebody asks you a question, start asking questions!

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